What should you know about your reservation due to the status of COVID-19?

First of all, from Sènia we would like to thank all those people who are consistently working so that soon we can all go back out to the streets, see our friends and family and return to live a family holiday.

Because we know that this vacation will probably be the most special of our lives!

Sènia’s team continues to work by telework to help you with everything  you need. In addition we are already preparing to offer the best holidays for this, more than ever, long-awaited summer.


What happens if I have a reservation for a date before May 30?

Currently, the opening day of the campsite is scheduled for May 30. Those reservations for stays prior to this day will receive, in the coming days, an email with all the information. You should reply to this same email and select one  of the following options:

Reservations that have contracted the Cancellation Guarantee may take advantage of our special promotion:

  • Change the date of your reservation and we will give you 20% of the first payment you have already made. In other words, if, for example, you made a deposit of € 100, for the next reservation the Sènia Group gives you € 20.00. You will already have paid € 120.00. More information here
  • You can also request a refund of the first payment and not opt ​​for the 20% promotion

For those reservations that do not have a cancellation guarantee:

  • You have the possibility to change the dates of your stay.
  • You also have the possibility to request a refund of the first payment.


What if I want to change the dates of my stay but I don’t know when?

Nothing stops! You simply have to explain to us that you want to move the dates and we wait for you to decide.

We understand that these are uncertain times for everyone.


How can I know if I have the cancellation guarantee contracted?

You can always check the contracted services in the last reservation confirmation email you received.

In any case, our care team continues to work from home. You can contact us through the email of the campsite.


Can I change the dates of my reservation even if I don´t have a cancellation guarantee?

Yes, as long as your planned stay is before May 30.


What happens for those reservations after May 30, 2020?

At Sènia we trust that soon everything will return to normal and we can enjoy an unforgettable vacation together, as a family. Therefore, for the moment, these stays will be governed by the general cancellation conditions.

From Sènia we will always keep you informed of any changes and we hope that soon we can inform you that everything is over and that the doors of this campsite are opening. To live a vacation like never before!

Until now we will continue working and fighting to make it soon.